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Come to The Cambridge Yacht Club (CYC)

Why consider coming to the Cambridge Yacht Club? Would you like to sense the unique seafaring traditions of the Eastern Shore? Is a friendly environment where you can gather with old friends and meet new ones important to you? Do a variety of social and dining options in a venue that combines class and comfort have an appeal to you? Are you looking for a first class marina to enhance your boating experience? If you answer to all or any of these questions is “YES”, then the Cambridge Yacht Club (CYC) is the place for you.

As soon as you walk into the club and see the trophy case, the nautical traditions of this 100 year old club become apparent. From any location in the club, you look out on the expansive view of the Choptank and you can imagine the club races started by the Dupont Family or almost sense the Admiral Bryd presenting the treasured Byrd Trophy. Fast forward to today and experience the sights of the graceful Skipjack Nathan ghosting across the river with its huge mainsail. Sit in the gazebo sipping your favorite beverage and watch the sailboats and power cruisers coming back into club marina after a day on the water. There is no better place to bring yourself into a unique appreciation of historical tradition of the Eastern Shore waterman than from the vantage point of the CYC.

The historical setting seems to draw you into the club’s atmosphere even more as you meet long standing friends or meet newer club members. If you are a newer member, the club is truly a one-stop place to become more fully familiar with the goings on of the community. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will become comfortable and at ease.

The atmosphere of the club is further enhanced by the options open to all members. Enjoy the weekly Tuesday socials or special events such as the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Halloween Party; Decorate the Tree, Commodore’s Ball, etc. Watch the July 4th fireworks from the club and it will be a 4th to remember. As a member, you have an amazing range of options to reserve club facilities for a special family or business event. If you travel, remember that as a CYC member, there is reciprocity with many other yacht clubs. Come back and tell us about your experience.

Of course have lunch and dinner at the club. There is no better waterfront dinning venue on the Eastern Shore. The daily specials and seasonal menu changes are designed to make every day a new dining experience. Of course there are weekly standards like the Burger and Fries night.

Note that all of the reasons to come to the CYC have not mentioned boating and that is deliberate. You do not have to be a boater to enjoy all of the advantages of CYC membership described above. But if you are a boater, the CYC marina has the newest slips on the Eastern Shore. There is no doubt that you will find kindred spirits at the club if you are a boater – sailor or power boaters a like!!!!

So if want to experience the nautical traditions of the Eastern Shore in an unsurpassed waterfront setting, Come to the CYC. If you want to feel the warmth and comfort of a welcoming environment underscored by wonderful dinning and beverage service come to the CYC. Join the CYC and be a part of making history for the 2nd century of the CYC.

Tom Slaughter



The Cambridge Yacht Club


Having been members of the American Yacht Club in New England for 20 years before we moved “Retired?” to the Eastern Shore in December 2006, we knew we would eventually join a yacht club down here, but were in no rush.  I had shortly before finished a four year stretch on their Executive Committee in addition to a myriad of other “volunteer” projects and was looking for some down time.


In January the CYC ran some advertisements in the Star Democrat for new members and especially those who would take a slip in the new marina to be finished in the spring of 2007.  I should add that we had moved our sailboat, South Wind, down to Cambridge in July of 2006. It had been laying in the old municipal marina on Cambridge Creek so we needed a slip for 2007. We had a few other options, but decided to drive to Cambridge and take a look.  We were impressed. The marina was well under way, and even as non-members and PFA’s (people from away) with different accents, we were made to feel welcome and had a nice lunch.


The following week we contacted Tom Love and Ray Langdon and they regaled with the Club’s history and the advantages of becoming members. We submitted our application the next week and before the month ended were members. We have thoroughly enjoyed our membership. When we go out for dinner it is our usual “destination”. We always bring our New England guests for dinner, and they are impressed.  Sailing out of the Marina and on the Choptank is great; we usually have the sails up within a few hundred yards of the attenuator so short day sails are mostly possible; we don’t have to “chug” down river to get sailing room.  I’ll have to admit that it took a while to get used to the “thin” water!  In New England, twenty minutes after dropping the mooring, we were “outside” and water depth was not an issue. Shallow water was anything under 20 feet, and seeing three digits ahead of the decimal point on the depth sounder was common!  Of course there is a trade off; if you go aground in New England, it is generally hard ledge or  rocky bottom; here it is forgiving soft but very sticky mud.


We have a fantastic club, and we all need to actively promote it to new members.  Boaters or just as social members, we are convinced they will enjoy it as much as we do.



                                                                                                Jim & Mary Campbell








As you go between the red and green lights, you look up towards the American flag, whether it be during the day or at night.

You start to feel the Pride

When you walk through the front doors you see the trophy's from Yachter's gone before, you walk into the bullet and you gaze upon sailboats, powerboats and more.

You start to feel the Pride

From Mr. DuPont to Robert Mitchum, and to the people you know of as friends.  You wonder how they might have felt to stand here and see such a view.

You start to feel the Pride

As you enjoy your dinner or a cocktail or two, you stare across the river from the dining room or gazebo.  As the moon rises from its sleepy nap, the music fades, and you have time for a night cap.

You start to feel the Pride

You tell your friends and family to enjoy the rest of their night, then you drive back through the red and green lights .   

You start to feel the Pride.















Dewey Reed

“What my Cambridge Yacht Club means to me”


During either the spring or summer of 1996, in truth, I cannot remember which, my wife, Mary Claire, and I were encouraged to investigate the Cambridge Yacht Club with the possibility of becoming members.   Not having a boat did not seem to be an impediment to membership and after our application was approved,  we became members of what we often think of  as our “country club” on the shore.  While it does not have a golf course, many of the other amenities of a country club are evident with the added pleasure of several miles of waterfront to view as we eat lunch or dinner in the clubhouse. Our bonus as members is the wonderful Gazebo where we enjoy visiting with friends and eating the masterfully-cooked hamburgers hot off the grill on Sundays. 


Clearly, the best thing about the CYC for boaters and non-boaters alike, is the spectacular view from the club and the magnificent marina surrounding the facility.  Completely redeveloped when the City of Cambridge rebuilt its marina less than seven years ago, the Cambridge Yacht Club can justifiably boast of having the newest and best facility on the entire Chesapeake Bay system.  No other club has a marina as up-to-date and useable as the CYC marina.  The increasing number of transient boaters and sailing and motor boating groups attests to the quality of the marina and the pleasant dining and social activity of the CYC.  For boaters, nothing says “welcome” as much as a large marina and excellent facilities to ensure a pleasant visit.  For non-boaters, it is fun to share the environment of the CYC with the boaters and listen to their tales of nautical exploits and fishing. And like all new things, the members of the CYC can expect the marina to offer many years of boating without repairs.


Mary and I have “grown” into our membership at the CYC during the past 16 years.  At first, we were strictly social members. However, as we began to develop friendships with other members, involvement in the activities of the club truly accelerated our getting to know other members and ended with my election to the Board of Governors for a three year term.


The Cambridge Yacht Club is an organization that needs and desires new members and their families who are willing to share the experience of the water and clubhouse. Also, there are opportunities available for these new members to combine their expertise with others to enhance the club’s offerings and see the club continue to develop and expand new programs such as its wonderful Sailing School during its second century.  If you believe you would enjoy a Cambridge Yacht Club membership, please call the office of the club at 410 228-2141 for additional information or approach any member of the CYC and express your interest.  The CYC is anxious to meet you, your spouse or partner, and most importantly, your family to join the CYC and actively become involved in the life of the bay and its premier organization to enhance this pleasure, the Cambridge Yacht Club.


Ron Kyhos