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Newsletter - Archive Nov 1, 2013
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                                                 Starting to feel like November

As cold as it is getting I will have to say summer is over. We closed the gazebo towards the end of October for the year. Thank you to all who used it and hopefully next year more members that don’t use it will come out and see how much fun we have out there. The water will be turned off by this Sunday November the 10th make sure you unhook your water  hoses to your boats and top up all your fluids and get them ready for this fast approaching cold time of the year.

I hope everybody had a great summer. We had a lot of things going on at the CYC this year I wish more members would come out and join us for some fun time through the year.  Halloween was a fun time again this year it was pirates and wenches and cows yes I said a cow … Hopefully we will get some pictures up on the website so all can see, but try next year to come out and see firsthand  what some people will do on Halloween night. I want to Thank Ed Miller for donating the winner’s gifts this year. That was really a nice surprise.  And saying that I can’t even begin to thank everyone that went above and beyond and donated their time and money to help the club this year it is so many I know I will forget someone so I am not even going to try to list them all. You know who you are and again THANK YOU…

Thanks to Carol Baker-Jones who brought up at a meeting about lobster night usually being on Election night. So we tried it last Saturday night and I think it turned out really good. And speaking of election night: Here are your 2014 Flag and Board:

Commodore: Jeff Sheets

Vice Commodore:  Mike Mowbray

Rear Commodore: Carol Baker-Jones


Board Members:

Jack Saum

Sally Jellett

Robert Moffatt

Gerald Kirby

Ronald Cameron


So watch out for our weekly specials and come join us for dinner sometime soon. Also if you’re planning your company Christmas parties call Linda before she fills up the calendar.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
Jimmy Dean 

Your 2013 Commodore:

Dewey Reed



This year the number of sailors in our Junior Sailing program increased by 10%. Tuition income also went up by some $1,600.  As expected, our decision to move the program to the next level in terms of professional instruction created additional expenses, some anticipated, others not. We will end the year with an operating deficit which we plan to eliminate in 2014.

Becky Ness served as our Waterfront Director this year. She recruited a talented group of Instructors to work with her. The Committee unanimously agreed to invite Becky to return for the 2014 season but she has declined. We wish her and her husband, Danny, well.

                There have been some changes in the Junior Sailing Committee. Ron and Mary Kyhos have resigned after over two years of faithful service. Nancy Baxter Hastings has agreed to serve as our new Chair. She has served on the reconstituted Committee from the beginning (early 2011) and has had a lot of experience working with youth camps in the Episcopal Diocese of Easton. We are also seeking additional members for the Committee. On average we meet once a month at the CYC. If you are interested, please contact Linda Dayton in the CYC office.

 We understand that another yacht club is interested in purchasing our O'Day sail boat. We originally purchased it in 2012 in response to the CYC Board's request that we offer adult sailing classes. However, there has been little interest in such classes in 2012 and 2013. If anyone has the name and phone number of the person who visited the CYC a few weeks ago expressing interest in our O'Day, please give that information to Linda Dayton.

 This was our first year as a Maryland Certified Youth Camp. The primary goal of the certification process is to ensure safe practices and facilities for our sailors. The work required for certification in our first year was monumental. In the future meeting the requirements should be easier now that we have laid the groundwork.

                We are fortunate to have such a wonderful location for a Junior Sailing program. The Gazebo gets a lot of use every day that our sailing school is in session. The Club's facilities are ideal for our Awards ceremonies at the end of each session. Our staff truly goes the extra mile to make the sailing program run smoothly. I thank all for your good work.

                Finally, we are in need of a 25 hp outboard motor. Rumor has it that many CYC members have just such a motor sitting in their garage or barn. If you would like to donate (or sell) such a motor to the Junior Sailing program, please let us know.

 Nathaniel Pierce

Outgoing Chair, Junior Sailing Committee