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Cambridge Yacht Club  

June 2019 Newsletter



Dear Members,


As we enter the busy time of the season there are several activities scheduled for the Club.


The Gazebo officially opened Sunday, May 26th with a large crowd and music by Bobby Reed. The Gazebo is now open to members and their guests with our regular summer schedule, Fridays from 5:00pm-9:00pm (no food served at the Gazebo but available from the kitchen for patio dining) and on Sundays from 4:00pm-8:00pm (hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill) served at the Gazebo.


Many boating activities are scheduled for our boating enthusiasts. Wednesday night’s ESSA sailing is in full swing. Last Wednesday we had a large group of spectators and participants with over 75 dinners served. With the finish line now set up directly in front of the Club it is a fun evening of entertainment and camaraderie. ESSA is looking for volunteers to staff the committee boats, If you are interested please contact board member Trevor Carouge at for information.


Other sailing activities include a visit from the Dickerson Class boats group on Friday, 6/14. Come see these beautifully locally designed and built boats.     

Some members are participating in the Fleet 10. 2019 Catalina 22 East Coast National Cruise on June 19-20. For more information please contact member George Breig at


The CYC Choptank Cruisers began on 5/25-5/27 with a successful cruise. Other future scheduled cruises include:

  • 6/22-23 cruise to Fishing Creek off the Little Choptank River. The boaters will anchor off the home of hosts Bob and Kathy Bilodeau and dinghy to their house for appetizers and fun.

  • 7/13-7/14 cruise to Leadenham Creek off Broad Creek.

  • 8/9-8/11 cruise to Herrington Harbor.

  • 9/14-9/15 full moon cruise to San Domingo Creek.

  • 10/5-10-6 cruise to Peach Bottom Creek off the Tred Avon River.

Please contact board member Sue Jones at for more information.


Our successful Junior Sail program is set to go. We recently purchased two new much needed Yamaha 8HP motors for the program and the sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Session #1- June 24th- July 5th

  • Session #2- July 8th- July 19th

  • Session #3- July 22nd- Aug 2nd


Also, this year we are starting an adult laser class with sailing instructions on Thursdays, beginning June 6th at 5:00pm and continuing through August.   A great way to learn to sail and/or have some lighthearted fun on the water. Contact Dotty Holoubek at for more information.


he Gazebo will be open for Father’s Day on Sunday, 6/16 with a slightly expanded food selection and music by Bobby Reed.


Thursday night croquet is in full swing through June and on Thursday, 6/20 Pete Baker will be providing entertainment.


The Club will be closed on Saturday, June 29th for a wedding.


We often get inquiries and/or complaints from members or others on the proper flag etiquette/protocol flying from our gaff-rigged flagpole. We have been flying our flags properly for as long as I can remember (25+ years) and instructions on proper gaff-rigged flagpole etiquette have been posted on the board in our hallway for some time. Dotty Holoubek has provided a well written article on proper gaff-rigged flag etiquette that is very informative. For those interested you can read at the following website: Thank you, Dotty.


On Monday, 6/3 we installed a new fire suppression system in the kitchen replacing an old system that was no longer acceptable to our inspectors.


Finally, I am sorry to report our chef, Greg Lenz, resigned last week to pursue other interests. We thank Greg for his two years at the Club and wish him well in his next venture. The kitchen remains in very capable hands with both Brittney Dickerson and Traci Edwards managing the line. Under their leadership we successfully served over 72 dinners on Commissioning Day and 75 dinners last Wednesday (ESSA). We are looking to add to the kitchen staff and hope to have an additional position filled shortly.




Jon Ingersoll